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We are a leading provider of IT Service and Software Development Solutions to Businesses in Need.

We help businesses automate their business activities. Provide result-oriented solutions. Build fully functional and efficient Desktop, Server, and Mobile applications. Provide Support and Maintenance Services, Cloud Services, Mainframe Services as well QA services for existing applications on various platforms.

Since 2010, we have been serving businesses in need of IT or digital tech solutions for their company. We understand businesses now need to evolve more than ever due to technology increasing on a rapid fire. That’s why the expertise and efforts of each ITR Consulting team member plays a crucial role in providing up-to-date and result-oriented digital solutions.

We value commitment to providing the best possible services, integrity in performing your day-to-day activities, ability to work as a team, flexibility to learn and adapt with latest technological means, honesty with your job, and lastly, the creativity to offer custom and unique solutions.

However, we invest our time and energy to provide training and support you need to perform well.

Moreover, we ensure that our team members get exclusive perks for working with us, including healthcare, paid vacations, increments and bonuses based on performance and a great and supportive environment.

If you want to join our team and to step ahead in your career, Email your resume and your preferred position.

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